Technical skills:

Computer Platforms:

Macintosh 9.1 / X and Windows 98/2000 * Adobe Photoshop 6.0 * Adobe GoLive 5.0 * Adobe Page Maker 6.5 * Adobe Page Mill * Adobe Illustrator 10 * Macromedia FreeHand 10* Macromedia Flash 5 * Macromedia Dreamweaver4/Fireworks * Macromedia Fontographer * Microsoft Office X* Netscape Communicator 4.7, Netscape 6.2, and Microsoft Internet Explorer * HTML and Java Aplications * Final CutPro2 (light)

Fine Arts:

printmaking * oil and acrylic painting * drawing * pastel * mixed-madia


Career Center New York NY (April 2001)


Successful complete the course requirement in Dreamweaver. Discovered the potential of the computer graphic, adding the technical training to the artistic background to exploit the maximum of the creative potential. *

Academy of Fine Arts "N. Grigorescu" Bucharest/Romania (June 1978)


Graphic design major with course work in graphic design as well in painting, drawing, typography, art history



Freelance illustrator and web designer

Projects: Effectively handled and completed all design process for ACFSRM Inc. In charge of design and creation of all graphics, design of corporate identity, logo and stationary, poster and mailing card. Design the web site, advertising, design and desktop publishing, logos and animation, illustration, scanning and photo manipulation. Responsible for downloaded, updated and maintained the site.

Center For Creative Jewish Living Inc. New York NY

Freelance artist,

Project: desktop publishing, layout, conventional paste-up, illustration. Proposal for a new and fresh corporate identity.

Descent Of The Holy Spirit Ridgewood, NY

Artist, web designer

Projects: Creating a oil painting on canvas mounted on church's wall. Production and displays of icons. Corporate identity and logo creation. Design the web site for Descent of Holy Spirit, Orthodox Church.

Ikon Art Studio Owner/Designer.

Conceptual design, desktop publishing, custom graphics and illustration, corporate identity, logo, animation, web design.

School of Visual Arts at HS / Romania Fine Arts

Teacher Arts School Teacher's responsibility.

Professional Affiliations

Awards and Honors:


Detail oriented, multitasked with strong skills. Work effectively independently or as part of the team



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